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Having the Vessel Prepared for a Pre-Purchase Survey

Below is a list of recommendations that you should present to the seller or broker in order to facilitate the survey process. The surveyor’s job is to Observe and Report, it is not to repair, trouble shoot, or empty lockers (or cabins) in order to observe. If the surveyor can’t see it, he can’t report on it.

  • The boat should be generally clean.
  • Have the vessel’s Document or State Registration (or copies) onboard.
  • Have the cabins, lockers, drawers, and storage areas as empty as possible.
  • The vessel should be connected to shore power and batteries should be charged.
  • Be sure there is sufficient FRESH fuel in the tank(s) to run the engine(s) and generator.
  • Be sure oil and coolant are topped up.
  • Be sure all required safety equipment is onboard for the sea trial.
  • All equipment included in the sale should be onboard, and anything not included in the sale should be removed from the vessel.
  • Electronics should be mounted and connected for testing.
  • Any maintenance and/or repair records should be onboard and available.
  • If the engine(s) or generator were rebuilt, receipts should be available.

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