We are a Jacksonville, Florida based company serving the marine industry world wide

Dennis Guthrie, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor
Phone: 954 294-4481

Associated Marine Surveyors

Associated Marine Surveyors is a Jacksonville, Florida based company experienced in Pre-Purchase, Insurance, Damage and Engine Surveys of Yachts, Recreational and Commercial Vessels.

We are consultants with experience as owners representative for new vessel construction, major refit/repair and Coast Guard Inspected Passenger Vessels.

Let our 49+ years in the Marine Industry work for you.

Insurance and Banking
Insurance agencies and banks rely heavily on a survey to evaluate their risk and assign a value to your vessel. Banks and insurance companies defer to marine surveyors to advise them about potential risks and return on their ‘investment’. Since many fiberglass vessels on the market are approaching 25 years of age or more, these institutions frequently require a survey.

Increasingly, marinas are requiring surveys to establish that a vessel seeking long term dock space will not sink or be abandoned and meets basic safety standards. All too often, the old boat that sinks at the dock has not moved in many years and did not have any insurance because it couldn’t pass a survey. In order to keep costs and liability down, don’t be surprised if a marina requests a basic safety survey prior to issuing a lease.

Dennis Guthrie’s 40+ years in the marine industry began with a four year tour in the USCG where he received formal training as an Engineer and sailed the waters of the Pacific. Following the Coast Guard he was actively employed as a diesel mechanic for a number of years and began sailing in various capacities aboard commercial vessels and yachts acquiring Coast Guard and MCA (U.K.) licenses in both Deck and Engine departments sailing the Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Great lakes, thousands of nautical miles and thousands of days. Over the past 8 years he has been surveying all types and sizes of vessels.

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Dennis Guthrie, SAMS® AMS®

Principal Marine Surveyor
Yachts & Small Craft, Engines

Associated Marine Surveyors
96383 Marsh Hen Road
Fernandina Beach, Florida 32234

Cell: 954 294-4481


We are a Jacksonville, Florida based company serving the marine industry world wide.