We are a Jacksonville, Florida based company serving the marine industry world wide

Dennis Guthrie, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor
Phone: 954 294-4481

Associated Marine Surveyors – About Us

Dennis Guthrie’s 40+ years in the marine industry began with a four year tour in the USCG where he received formal training as an Engineer and sailed the waters of the Pacific. Following the Coast Guard he was actively employed as a diesel mechanic for a number of years and began sailing in various capacities aboard commercial vessels and yachts acquiring Coast Guard and MCA (U.K.) licenses in both Deck and Engine departments sailing the Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Great lakes, thousands of nautical miles and thousands of days. Over the past 8 years he has been surveying all types and sizes of vessels.


Credentials, Qualifications and Training:

Unlimited Tonnage, Great Lakes and Inland Waters (US)
1600/3000 G.T., Oceans (US & MCA Class 4)
Master Offshore Support Vessels 10,000 GT Oceans
Fully STCW 95 compliant

Chief Engineer, 1600/3000 G.T., Motor, Oceans (US)
Second Assistant Engineer, Motor, Unlimited Tonnage, Ocean (US)
Fully STCW 95 compliant

Certified factory training and experience with:
Detroit Diesel engines, series 53-71-92-149 Overhaul.
Caterpillar 3500 series engines Performance Analysis Report Training.
EMD 645 series engines Overhaul.
Allison transmissions.
Vosper-Thorneycroft fin stabilizers.
Dynamic Positioning System Operator Training.
ANST Certification Ultrasonic Thickness Level II. (audio-gauging)


Marine Experience

Few marine surveyors are able to provide the experience which Associated Marine Surveyors have acquired, 4 years as Coast Guard Engineer, 10 years experience as a Diesel Mechanic, many years licensed engineer on Research, Offshore Supply Vessels, Tugboats and mega-yachts, world-wide maritime travel, refits in large shipyards, etc..

As an independent surveying firm, Associated Marine Surveyors is hired to represent you, and report all findings in a clear, professional and timely manner and provide you with valid, objective and unbiased conclusions. This may not be the case with some surveyors, yacht brokers, sales people, shipyard personnel and repair technicians. Often, they will have a financial interest in a survey and hesitant to reveal any unfavorable facts about a vessel. Since we operate as an ‘independent’ party, we can report on a vessel without fear of a monetary loss or retribution.

A credible independent marine surveyor may be your only advocate and we believe that being your best advocate is our only business.


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Dennis Guthrie, SAMS® AMS®

Principal Marine Surveyor
Yachts & Small Craft, Engines

Associated Marine Surveyors
96383 Marsh Hen Road
Fernandina Beach, Florida 32234

Cell: 954 294-4481


We are a Jacksonville, Florida based company serving the marine industry world wide.