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Inspecting The Aging Sailboat
Recommended by Paul Slivka AMS # 787
Brisbane, Australia
Don Casey has a very good book on surveying titled 'Inspecting The Aging Sailboat", (fiberglass),published around 1996?. International Marine.

It is intended for the boat buyer more than the surveyor, but it is an absolute jewel for refreshing yourself on survey technique with fiberglass sail boats. I picked up several pointers from the book that I use regularly in my work. At the end of the book is a 30 minute self survey technique and list.

I have copied that list and sent it to several potential clients over the years. It is perfect for the client who knows a little, and yet wants to be sure that they have done their homework before engaging the surveyor. One thing is for sure. If you give them the list and they are inquiring with other surveyors, they will come back to you when they are ready to survey.

I have highlighted all of the good parts of the book, and use it for a reality check a couple times a year.

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