CONDOR Maritime Services (K) Ltd.

Condor Maritime Surveyors and Consultants is a Marine Surveying Firm in the East Coast of Africa, strategically located in Mombasa, Kenya. Our principal surveyor is A. M. Ali, SAMS® AMS®.

Condor Maritime is a locally registered survey firm in Kenya, having commenced operations since 1997. Our business is both local and international. Condor is licensed by the office of the Commissioner of Insurance as insurance surveyors and loss adjusters. However, we do provide other related services to other major ports along and within the East Coast of Africa and the adjacent islands.

We offer a range of specialized services such as Marine Surveys, Ship Classification, Maritime Auditing, Marine Casualty Surveys and Investigations.

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Marine Surveys by Condor Maritime Surveyors and Consultants

Capt. A. M. Ali. SAMS® AMS®, AFRIN

Marine Surveyor & Consultant

Condor Maritime Services (K) Ltd.
Plot No. 1MN/13590, Kitaruni-Utange
P.O. 83921-80100,
Mombasa – Kenya
East Africa

Phone: +254-733-941743
Mobile: +254-733-267271
Mombasa, Kenya

We are Marine Surveyors & Consultants located in Mombasa, Kenya.