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Marine Surveys by Condor Maritime Surveyors and ConsultantsWe offer a range of specialized services which we are qualified to perform:

  • P & I Surveys
  • Flag state marine safety inspection, technical surveys and certification services.
  • Bahamas Maritime Flag Inspector
  • Marshall Islands Nautical Inspector
  • Dominica Republic Nautical Inspector
  • Liberian Nautical Inspector, ISM and ISPS Lead Auditor
  • Maritime Auditing – Our Surveyor is qualified to audit vessels under Grade QMS 2000. Certificate No. 1184985 was issued by “IRCA” U.K. for this service.
  • Classification of Ships – Our Surveyor is a Non-Exclusive Surveyor representing IRS (International Register of Shipping) and Conarina Group.
  • CONARINA Class & Statutory Surveyor
  • ISPS CODE – qualified to perform Security Checklist and Audits.
  • IRS Class & Statutory Surveyor
  • Loss adjusting and prevention.
  • Marine casualty surveys and investigations.
  • Insurance warrant surveys.
  • Sale and purchase surveys.
  • Tow approval surveys.
  • Super cargo and/or ship superintendence.
  • Entry/condition survey of vessels.
  • On/off hire surveys.
  • Draft surveys to international standards.
  • Pre-loading inspection of cargo holds, tanks and other spaces.
  • Inspection of lashing and securing.
  • Survey of containerized cargo.
  • Freight containers on-hire/interchange survey.
  • Survey of bagged/breakbulk cargoes.
  • Ullage surveys.
  • Inspection of lifting equipment.

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Marine Surveys by Condor Maritime Surveyors and Consultants

Capt. A. M. Ali. SAMS® AMS®, AFRIN

Marine Surveyor & Consultant

Condor Maritime Services (K) Ltd.
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We are Marine Surveyors & Consultants located in Mombasa, Kenya.