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Eberle Marine Surveys – Preparing For A Marine Survey

  • A properly prepared vessel will allow a surveyor more time for attention to detail in a pre-purchase inspection. If you make the effort to work through the broker or current owner to be sure the boat is ready to go, you will receive a better inspection. Miscellaneous gear and personal items not being sold with the boat should be removed. Cabins and lockers should be cleared of excess gear to promote ease of inspection. Please refer to the following checklist for additional details.
  • Arrangements for the boat to be hauled and pressure washed are typically looked after by the broker. This is usually done as a short “survey haul” at a local yard that is acceptable to the current owner. For trial runs, an owner approved captain will be required, however this job is often performed by the yacht broker or someone at the owner’s direction.
  • For pre-purchase inspections on larger vessels, in-depth testing of machinery (engines and auxiliary generators) is recommended by a separate technician who has expertise and test equipment for the specific engine types involved. This must also be arranged and the technician will likely want to attend the trial run.
  • These additional services: the haulout and machinery analysis are not covered in your surveyor’s fee. Typically machinery technicians and surveyors will work concurrently to complete your inspection, thereby limiting the time you need to be present.



 Permission from boat owner
 Yard hauling reservation made
 Owner approved captain or broker for trial run
 Trial run departure time determined
 Batteries up on charge
 Fuel and water supply good
 Engines confirmed ready to go: belts, fluids, filters, etc.
 120-volt shore power and water available
 Maintenance logs and repair receipts onboard
 Vessel registration papers onboard
 All gear to convey with the transaction onboard
 Electronics installed
 Lifejackets and other safety equipment onboard
 Anchor, chain and line ready to deploy
 Fire extinguishers reading in the charge area
 Personal items removed

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Rob Eberle, SAMS® AMS®

Accredited Marine Surveyor
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