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Rob Eberle, SAMS® AMS®
Accredited Marine Surveyor
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Eberle Marine Surveys – What To Expect


  • Delamination, osmotic blister and moisture meter analysis
  • Strut supported shafts checked with dial indicator for straightness
  • Propellers targeted to determine blade bending
  • Thorough external examination of all engines and major machinery
  • Infrared temperature readings on machinery and HVAC equipment
  • Cycle frequency load testing of auxiliary generators
  • Structural analysis impact testing of hull, stringers, bulkheads, decks and super-structure
  • Thorough systems analysis: plumbing, electrical, bonding, lightning ground systems, etc.
  • Testing of all electronic and accessory equipment with bonding system resistance metering
  • Detailed inventory of major miscellaneous equipment
  • Propane system leak testing
  • Gasoline safety bonding system metering
  • Fire fighting equipment compliance
  • Compliance check with USCG legal requirements and major ABYC and NFPA safety standards
  • Photographic documentation
  • Rigging inspections aloft (Additional Expense)
  • Full-load engine RPM testing with phototachometer analysis
  • Trial run with noise, vibration analysis and speed readings


  • Rob Eberle won’t impose a time limit for your pre-purchase inspection. Whether dial indicating a shaft, load testing a generator or stray current corrosion analysis, you’ll find he takes the time to probe and test almost every facet of a vessel. The result is an uncompromised first class, in-depth inspection.
  • A custom narrative report is provided and every significant finding is clearly spelled out. Recommended repairs and practical suggestions to improve a vessel’s safety and comfort are also included, and each survey provides an estimate of fair market value to insure you don’t pay too much.
  • A very thorough inspection will reveal both major and minor problems in the vessel. The little things can be remedied before they develop into expensive hazards. Typically, the cost of major repairs can often be negotiated prior to closing, and armed with an in-depth survey, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • Rob will answer any technical questions you may have or direct your inquiry to other appropriate sources.
  • In addition to a clear and comprehensive reporting, Rob will give you a rough idea of how much outlay will be required to make the boat safe for you and your family. Is the vessel structurally sound and a good long-term investment? Does the vessel’s engineering and construction match the needs of your intended use? You will know if you are getting a good buy or paying too much compared to other vessels on the market.


  • Surveys are typically non-destructive in nature and as a result, hidden flaws and latent defects which can not be discovered without dismantling the boat or equipment are not assessed.
  • In addition, the surveyor can only report on the boat’s condition as it existed at time of survey. No warranty of condition or performance is normally provided.
  • If any removals, dismantling or destructive testing is to be performed, written authorization from the vessel owner must be procured in advance.


  • A surveyor should encourage the buyer to be present for the onboard inspection so the two can review salient findings.
  • Unfortunately, there is not enough time to provide both a thorough survey and a full indoctrination to the vessel. In order to concentrate and complete an in-depth inspection, distractions should be kept to a minimum.
  • Of course there will time ample time for questions and to discuss all significant findings and repair options.

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Rob Eberle, SAMS® AMS®

Accredited Marine Surveyor
Yacht Survey Specialist Since 1988
Better Business Bureau Rating A+

Eberle Marine Surveys
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