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Boater’s Resource is the only website development and hosting company which is owned operated by a credentialed marine surveyor and specialized in marketing marine surveyors.

Are you looking for more than just a listing on Boater’s Resource has a wide range of offerings to meet your needs.

"Mini" Website

Maybe you have, but don’t need, a full website and the expense. Check out our mini-website option which has a less expensive set-up fee and smaller annual fee.

Mobile-Friendly Website Upgrade

Maybe you need an old website upgraded. Did you know that many older sites don’t work well on phone and tablets? People today are shopping and researching using their phones not their desktop computers.

New Website

Maybe you need a full website because you have a lot to say, and you want to be seen as a professional organization.

Search Engine Optimization

Maybe you just need some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work to get a better placement in web searches.

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Why Work With Us?

Owner Geoff Grainger (SAMS® – AMS® 1202) used to work for Harley-Davidson Motor Company in diagnostic computer development design, testing, and International support in the early 2000’s. That’s great, but honestly that leaves him able to talk the talk…but as for the walk…trip, fall, wrong way.

No, it’s because he is smart enough to work with people who know their stuff…today, right now, current technology and methodology. That’s who will do your work and make sure your marketing dollar is well spent. Geoff is involved to guide the process with a marine surveyor’s eye and so you have a face and a name with whom to discuss your hosting and websites. Try that on GoDaddy or anywhere else.

We do need to acknowledge the originator, Don Robertson. Don founded Don’s Marine Marketplace back in the mid-1990’s and he was ahead of his time. and its family of websites are truly grandfather sites in the industry. But you need to know that this is a massive advantage for you by marketing with us. With 27+ years on the internet, it gives you credibility for the search engines. From a SEO standpoint, this is huge. still comes up on the first page of Google in searches for marine surveyors even though it had many checks against it before being updated. Now, but being the only site maintaining a directory of all the legitimately credentialed marine surveyors, it will continue to hold the top spot and widen the gap.