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The Following is a List of Articles and Stories Written by Marine Professionals on Topics of Interest to Boaters in General and Marine Surveyors in Particular. Flexible Couplings, Love And Logic
By James R. (Randy) Renn, SAMS®-AMS®. Working Under Pressure, Some Protection for Injection
By Kells Christian, SAMS®-AMS®. Surveyor working for the vessel
What does this mean?

By James R. (Randy) Renn, SAMS®-AMS®. Smoke alarms - why don't we use them on boats?

by John McDevitt, SAMS® SA. Are You A Marine Surveyor Or An Adjuster?
Written for the Boat/US Exchange

By Thomas C. Benton, AMS®, CMS, CMI, reprinted with permission. The Use & Misuse of Moisture Meters
Written for the Boat/US Exchange
by James G. Merritt, SAMS® AMS®, reprinted with permission.
marinesurveyor.comHot Vac, A Cure For Osmosis?
By Henry Mustin, NAMS® CMS
marinesurveyor.comUpgrading my Marine Head to a COMPOSTING TOILET
By Charles E. Kanter, SAMS® AMS®
marinesurveyor.comI Have My Boat Insured
by Dewey Acker, SAMS® AMS®,
marinesurveyor.comHoles In Your Boat
by Dewey Acker, SAMS® AMS®,
marinesurveyor.comELECTROLYSIS - The most misused and misunderstood word in boating.
by Dewey Acker, SAMS® AMS®,
marinesurveyor.comA Pair of Very Interesting Articles on Oil Analysis from SAMS® Spring 2001 Newsletter
by Floyd J. Friloux, SAMS® Affiliate Member and James G. Merritt, SAMS® AMS® The origin of the term "Bentonize".
By Don Robertson with help from Thomas C. Benton, AMS®, CMS, CMI.
marinesurveyor.comYou only need carbon monoxide detectors In the enclosed cabin, right?
By Thomas C. Benton, AMS®, CMS, CMI.
Published in the Boat/US Seaworthy magazine, April 1995

marinesurveyor.comThe Adventures of a Yacht Broker; Circa 1990
Short Stories by Don Robertson
servercomputer Web Site Services For Marine Surveyors
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A Valuable E-Book By Doug Dawson
A "Must Read" for both new and experienced boat buyers! Boat Brochures
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Have one scanned and Emailed to you for a reasonable fee.
marinesurveyor.comAncient Ships
One man's study of the earliest ships and how they affected the course of civilization.
First Mate 101 - "How-To" Wisdom for Women in Boating,
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