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Email to send a message to the Boatpokers List.  (You must be a current subscriber, or the message won’t go through).

  • When replying to a message from Boatpokers and you want it to go to the sender only, press “Reply”.
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Attachments are now allowed. But, please be considerate of the other subscriber’s email boxes and limits. Large files may not get disseminated or could cause problems for the recipients on this list. At this time (November 2023) that limit is generally 10 MB. That number (size) moves as technology marches on, so it will be more in future years. Keep in mind that many will read their messages by phone and may have questionable service where they happen to be, also.

Got a problem or a question? Email Geoff Grainger, the Boatpokers Listmaster. Call: 262-618-5060


How to Use/Subscribe

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