Mobile-Friendly Website Upgrade

Did you know that Google and other search engines are demoting websites that are not “mobile-friendly?” That means your business will drop in the results as time passes.

They are not very open about how aggressive they are being on this matter. But it makes sense. People are not sitting at PCs looking for services like they used to. People in the workforce are finding you on their phones and tablets while sitting in their doctor’s waiting room, at their kids basketball game, and even while they are supposed to be working or driving (Yikes!)

The search engines want to provide the best results for the searcher. And no…being able to pinch and push the site on your phone does not make it “mobile-friendly” to the search engines. They are looking at how it is built and how it will render in the browsers.

You don’t want to rebuild your site. You don’t have to. We will. We’ll take what you have done and put it in a mobile-friendly package of your choosing. We’ll save you the time and expense of starting over.

Check out our price sheet and call me at 262 618-5060.