SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We really want to be a resource to assist the marine surveyor community with whatever we can. You may have a site and a host and are not ready to make a change. But you want better placement in the search results.

We can help. You are already in better shape because you have a listing on Take it to the next level by consulting with us. We have the resources and expertise to take you to the top. We are a small operation, but we have service agreements in place for some of the best of the best in digital marketing and SEO.

Talk to us about your marketing budget and we’ll tell you what we can do. The days of listing in magazine and newspaper ads, and cross-linking have passed. The algorithms the search engines use are tweaked and changed constantly. Staying on page one, let alone top three, requires fine-tuning and content planning. Most are not doing this because they are duped into thinking that the Go-Daddy’s of the world are doing something aside from sending you pretty reports, or they are intimidated by the work.

Tell us how we can help you, no strings attached. If it’s more than you want to take on, you’ll leave better educated and can still help yourself armed with the knowledge.