These industry partners offer complementary services to marine surveyors, boat owners, and more.


InspectX is a software platform designed for Marine Surveyors looking to save time, improve their reports and increase their business productivity. By incorporating an intuitive method of touch navigation to enter information, users can complete a professional report while in the field during a survey.

Forensic Marine Investigations

Forensic Marine Investigations International has experience investigating many types of marine accidents, explosions, and system failures involving large property loss and personal injury.

Force5 Marine Survey Report Software

FORCE5 is a powerful, standalone Windows program dedicated to marine survey report preparation. It’s all you’ll need to get your Marine Survey business started.

Atlantic School of Marine Surveying

The Marine Surveying Program at the ATLANTIC SCHOOL of MARINE SURVEY is taught by current working accredited surveyors. This course covers Business Development, Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing, Surveying Techniques, and Professional Report Writing.

Aliya Analytical

A source of professional consulting services for the manufacturing sector, based on engineering and philosophical disciplines.

Constructing Competence in Failure Analysis: A Technical and Human Factors Guide by Debbie Aliya

Constructing Competence in Failure Analysis is a preeminent technical guide detailing a comprehensive and new six-step method for performing fractography. It powerfully revisions the Failure Analysis (FA) Process detailing modern approaches for visual inspection, NDT, specimen selection, cutting and more.

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