Update Your Record

Good day fellow surveyors,

We are announcing a “soft launch” of MarineSurveyor.com (Home – Marine Surveyor Marine Marketplace). We are contacting you because you have a listing on the site and we want to make sure we have all your correct information.

If you are not familiar, MarineSurveyor.com was born in the mid-nineties when Tom Benton asked Don Robertson to manage his website. Don took the ball and ran with it, building a resource site for people looking for a marine surveyor. He provided website construction and hosting services along with advertising opportunities. The site, through longevity and through traffic, found its way to the top of the search engine rankings. It placed right behind the SAMS and NAMS Global home sites for many common search terms.

Don passed away about 2 ½ years ago and I have since taken over. I wanted to preserve the resource and grow it. There is not a single source listing all credibly credentialed marine surveyors, until now.

This is a “soft launch” announcement because I have some big jobs in front of me. My first priority is to make the resource accurate. Your listing is FREE. I am not asking you for anything except to help us make sure you are accurately listed. I sourced the information from SAMS and NAMS Global, but I have found that the info they have is not always accurate if they have not been updated with your most current information. I am asking you to please provide us with your most current information so when someone finds you on MarineSurveyor.com, they can reach you.

Hmmm…free you say? What’s the catch? I know. Always a catch, right. I’m spending a lot of money and time to make this right. Good thing I am a busy surveyor so I can fund this endeavor. I feel you have earned your place here as a credentialed surveyor. What I get out of it is…traffic. I should say “We” here because it is reciprocal and it will benefit your site, as much or more, than mine. I have built the best search engine for finding a surveyor and my goal is to promote our profession and organizations and direct people to surveyors who have taken on the responsibility of getting their CEU’s, being subject to the ethical standards by which we should all practice, and being good resources and consultants to our clients and our fellow surveyors. This to me is the pledge we take when we affiliate.

What you see at MarineSurveyor.com is by no means the end. It is the beginning. Yes, I want to be resource for the boat owners and buyers to find a surveyor. But this will develop into a tool for marine surveyors as well. First and currently, it is excellent marketing. And I am not asking you to pay me for your listing. I AM offering enhanced listings, web design and hosting services, and three voices on the phone that you can talk to, understand, and know what a marine surveyor is and does. I’ll be attending a lot of the conferences, International and Regional, as I am able. You’ll have a face to see and a hand to shake. I’ll answer the phone or call you back if you leave a message. Myself, Jenny, or Scott will be your team of consultants to help you with your marketing needs and I assure you, we can do better than the GoDaddy’s, Wix’s, SquareSpace’s, because we can give you more for your money and because we are NOT 24/7 support.

Sounds weird right. Seems like an odd marketing punchline. 24/7 support is a good thing right? I am sure all of you have had to call Verizon, AT&T, DirecTV or your local cable company for assistance. How much time do you plan for those calls? With us, you call, you get us, or our voicemail. Leave us a message, and you get a call back. No waiting on hold. No multiple transfers and dumb questions. If you can understand a Wisconsin accent, you’ll get clear communication, and we won’t waste your time. So if you call us at 1am, plan to get voicemail and a call back in the morning. No hold times, transfers, or the other challenges that come with that 24/7 support.

I guess that was your other expense. Taking time to hear my general pitch. If I have not lost you yet, again…my purpose is to get your listing verified as correct as soon as possible. If nothing else, check the website (Home – Marine Surveyor Marine Marketplace), find your listing, and check the details. If it is correct, or we have called you already to update it, there is nothing more to do. If you need something updated. Fill out the details here and submit it so we can make it right. There have been a few missing details, missing records, and newly retireds. Please let us know if you do not appear on the site. We have about 900 of you to contact and update, so your patience is appreciated. This form will help expedite the process.

Instructions to Update Your Record

  1. Click the green “FIND A SURVEYOR” button above.
  2. Click the “SEARCH BY NAME” link
  3. Enter your name, or part of your name and click SEARCH.
  4. A list of matching surveyors will appear.
  5. Locate your listing and click on the VIEW DETAILS button.
  6. Verify that your name, company name, address, phone and email address are correct. In addition, verify your credentials and your “Accepts Assignments In” is correct.
  7. If there are any changes, please click the “Update Your Record” button below to fill out a form with the correct details.
  8. If you DO NOT find your record, please let us know that, as well.