Waters Edge Marine Survey, LLC

Offering surveys, consulting and delivery. Marine Surveys are performed for a number of reasons, and the procedures for each vary to best suit your needs:

  • Pre-Purchase Surveys
  • Insurance Surveys
  • Damage Inspections
  • Appraisal Inspections



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John C. Roesch, SAMS® AMS®

Pamela J. Roesch, Survey Assistant

Waters Edge Marine Survey
4206 Walnut Creek Lane
Sandusky, Ohio 44870

419-609-0852 -Office
419-656-6366 -Mobile
866-351-3002 -Fax

Email: msurveyor@sbcglobal.net


22944 Lookdown Lane
Cudjoe Key, FL 33042

Marine Surveyors & Consultants Serving the Great Lakes, Ohio Rivers