“Mini” website

Maybe you don’t need a full website. I get it. It has been a great couple years (2020-2022) for business. I hope it continues. Maybe you are retiring soon and don’t need long-term marketing solutions.

A web presence is regarded as an indication of a service provider’s legitimacy and commitment to their profession. It is typically the first place someone looks. Even for those who get a lot of referrals, it is then the second place someone looks to validate the referral.

To many of the younger generations (I’m a Gen X), your site is a reflection of your business and the primary source of information about you and your business.


One-Pager ($150/year plus $150 one-time design and set up)

In each of these cases, you will have the benefits of being connected to MarineSurveyor.com with reciprocal linking and inherent SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Are we speaking Greek to you? I understand that too. That is why I have people for much of this work. Just call me 262 618-5060. Leave a message if you don’t get me and you can be sure we’ll call you back. See my article about 24/7 support.