New Website

You almost cannot turn on the TV without seeing an ad about all-inclusive website companies that will build, host, fine-tune and market your website. They sound great. Like many things from cheap cell phone services, free apps, and even that delicious mouth-watering cheeseburger, they rarely deliver what you see. The devil is in the details. The additional charges, fees, and what you end up getting after all the time and expenses rarely looks like what you saw on TV.

Why? It seems we have come to accept this as what to expect. You can call their 24/7 support (see my comments on 24/7 support) to complain. If you hold long enough and get through all the transfers, you’ll probably get an insincere “I’m sorry sir/mam.”

My team is Jenny, Scott, and myself. We take your calls, work on your project, answer your questions, and try to make sure you are more than just satisfied. Plus, we offer more than the big guys can because I am a marine surveyor and I know the business. I have things you can benefit from and use that they cannot offer.


  • When you build your site with us you get that expert. Jenny has been building websites since 2005 and has been supporting many loyal customers, including me since 2010.
  • When you build and host your site with us, you get a featured listing on which allows you to customize your listing. Provide more information including a bio in your own words. A picture to help potential clients connect to you.
  • We do not have 24/7 support. If you call us, we answer or you get our voicemail. Leave a message and we will call you back. No holding, transfers, long wait times, or customer service people that don’t know their jobs.
  • Competitive prices and options.